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The most advanced tools in the industry.

The cornerstone of RecyleGO’s ability to optimize recycling programs from start to finish is our laser focus on innovation. We offer you creative, forward-thinking tools to make your process easier and significantly more efficient a win-win for society and the environment.

But we’re not resting on our laurels. We’re currently developing even more game-changing tools and analytics to complement the innovative, industry-leading mobile apps and web-based dashboards we’ve already rolled out.

RecycleGO’s Sidekick Application

We’re creating the most sophisticated easy-to-use, on demand scheduling tool in the industry. Designed to empower Business Owners.

RecycleGO’s SideKick App is a mobile control tool for each property’s recycling process, data insights and property performance.

Blockchain Backed chain of custody tracking

The RecycleGO’s Blockchain backed chain of custody system is the technological heart of the RecycleGO platform. The system is a next generation recycling supply chain and logistics management system that will create a secure, globally-scalable chain of custody ledger for Corporations to verifiably prove sustainable impact. Our blockchain tracks recyclable material through the recycling supply chain loop: from production to consumption to recycling and back again.

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